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  1. Morning sharon,

    I was the 3rd one in yesterday but the blood pain mate is terrible and the doctor said i need to rest for 2wks how can ya when stuff needs doing i can't keep putting on my husband.

    Have a lovely day mate & all my love Terry xxxxx
  2. Hi Terry, it's probably a little late but I just wanted to wish you well for today. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Take care

  3. Hi Sharon,

    I've just come from the hopital myself mate, i hope the info helps as this is a start now for finding out what's actually happening to you, i'll speak later going to get changed mate.

    Love Terry xxx
  4. Sharon,

    It was starting to do my head in abit, i was glad when gigle, linda and mari commented if we did'nt have nothing to help or relax we all otherwise we'd go soft mate and i've only just rememberd i've got my Dermo appointment for 12pm tomorrow, i kept thinking it was tuesday today. xxx
  5. Hi Terri.

    I just discovered the notification for the message you sent earlier. How slow am I? I was just reading the thread about smokers. Glad there are more of me around. Makes me feel less guilty for sure! Think I'll have one now in fact! Have a good evening xxx
  6. Hi Sharon,

    I'm off for a fag mate before he puts the tea out. Have a nice evening yourself.

    Love & kisses Terry xxxx
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