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  1. Tammy i'm going to say goodnight mate as it's 1.21am here and i've got to pop my valium.

    Enjoy your quiet night mate. Love ya loads Terry xxxxxx
  2. I know Tam it's turned into a smashing joke, even though it was about oss'

    Go and gate crash mate and let that lovely hair down. xxxx
  3. Hey there ain't no turning back now, rob chimed in on it. Lol
    But for ste I will not encourage this any further. I will behave...I will behave.

    Big party next door. Adults all drunk, music blasting and they are sliding down a long slip and slide. Gosh I remember being that crazy once. Lol
  4. Yes mate it made me laugh, i told my ste no one would take it funny but he said best get those 2 parts out as it's classed as being offensive "Men" lol
  5. I'm so glad to hear that! Did you see what rob said about having a fag?
  6. No Tammy i ah in trouble mate...i thought it was a good laugh, that's why ste came by me as i was laughing, knowing him and not hearing me laugh much thought i was most likely going
  7. It was awesome! I am still laughing. So you are not in trouble yet?
  8. Tammy it ste who clocked what i was putting just for a joke as he was by me and said removed those 2 as it can be offensive to people but that's what came with the meaning mate but there was ones like steve's but i picked the laughable one because i knew you'd find it a laugh. lol xxxxxxx
  9. I'm sorry dear. Lol I did die laughing. So did Steve. Lol
  10. Tammy please read my message mate on requoting.
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