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  1. Hi Janie,

    I hope you've been ok today as i've not seen you on line?? and i hope tomorrow is a better one for you.

    Terry xxxxx
  2. Hello Janie,

    I've got the usual aches, i'll just be glad when my liver is sorted to start meds and i've got lumps keep swelling on my arms and around the back of my neck, i'm scratching like It's been cooler here and startin to warm up again and i've told my hubby it's as if my skin knows it's getting warmer and playing up already ahhhhhh it drives you soft.

    I do hope your ok also and have a lovely weekend mate. Hugs Terry xxxxx
  3. Howdy Terry, Hope you are feeling some relief today. Janie
  4. Hi Ferrini,

    I'm off to bed now mate but just wanted to say i hope your weekend goes well and your not in to much pain.

    Terri xxx
  5. ferrini i'll chat soon with you and it's been lovely getting to know you but i have to give my arm a rest when it's paining me so i'm off to read now.

    Do takecare and i hope your pain eases abit for you.

    Terri xxx
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