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  1. hi mary and welcome home.

    i understand the hard road you have been on.
    i am glad you are getting respite care now.

    i have had a few issues with my brain.. it pauses.
    i do not faint, or have seizures, but i do not stay alert during these times.
    i cannot even remember having them.
    the only way i know they are happenning is when others tell me.

    my scariest two events were:
    i had a pause whilst using a chainsaw. to cut fire wood.
    i came out of a pause to feel my jeans leg being pulled.
    i looked down to see a three inch cut in my jeans, but not in me.

    my second episode was using a lawn mower.
    i was wearing boots, and run over my toes.
    luckily i still have them all, but i am missing bone in 1 toe.
    this is still healing.

    otherwise i am doing fine, i still have good and bad days.
    it is summer in australia, so i hybinate a lot.

    if you go to my profile, then click on the link, "find latest started threads", you can read about my miss adventures.

    again welcome home, dear friend.
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