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  1. Hello Mary,
    My hubby as a rover 75 and they do shows besides doing jobs on one another's motor's but my hubby does his own and it started on friday and a pub lets them have a large piece of ground for rent because alot of them camp there and it was backwards and forth for 3 days and i told him lastnight never again.
    I've woke this morning with my face half paralised off the sjogrens besides the heat at times being to much i spent most of the time under a tent with the heat.

    I hope your keeping well besides and if not moan to me mate as i well understand the worry you have.

    All my love to you Terry xxxxxxxxx
  2. Hi Mary,

    I've just told my hubby and he's disgusted with it and he said this is all down to them and i agreed with him....i know it's alot ontop of your head but try and keep records of this lot because if they do any harm to Alan, then you have full grounds for action mate through neglect.

    Love Terry xxx
  3. Hi Mary,

    Please let me know how things go in the thread tomorrow, as i'm off to bed done in with this heat and tomorrow is going to be 90.

    Love you loads Terry xxxxxxxxx
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