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  1. Gizmo, not seeing you on in 2 days i thought something was seriously up.
    I hope the wedding goes nicely for you daughter and everyone enjoys themselves...i go and have the cyst removed on the 4th August besides seeing the specialist for my liver on the 23rd.
    I keep telling ste with all these alterations he wow have to go looking for another

    You takecare mate and all the best and thank you for letting me know.
    Love Terry xxxx
  2. Thanks for checking on me Terry. My daughter is getting married on Friday and we have been busy every minute. I won't have computer access at all for the next 4 days. Hope you are recovering well. Did your surgery get scheduled?
  3. Hello Gizmo,
    How are you keeping mate, as i've not seen you on in the last 2 days i hope things are ok.

    Thinking of you dearly xxx
  4. Thanks Gizmo, i've been abit messed up mate and my hubby as chatted to me well besides helping me get more fresh air, sorry you've missed my broad english accent. lol

    Well it comes in 3s and i'm here to stay as i joined last August and after xmas my registration broke getting into the site and i waited 2mths and came in with another email address and now in the last week because it's like my husband said, you all help one another and if you cross issues there's member's who can help besides me and he does do his best. xxxx
  5. So glad to hear from you today, Terry! I thought you were unreachable and had completely dropped off the site. I hope that whatever is going on in your life is getting better. I miss trying to read your posts out loud with an English accent, and when some newbie drops out of site I miss your posts asking how they are doing.
  6. Hello Gizmo,

    I could'nt keep away mate, you all mean alot to me and my hubby as chatted to me well besides getting me out more in the last week but being careful concerning the heat.

    I hope your ok Gizmo, love you dearly my friend. xxxxxxxxx
  7. Gizmo,

    I've always suffered with coldness from a kid and chest infections but things started showing more at 14 but life goes on mate and there's not much you can do until yout numbers up.
    I phoned the Doc's this morning the doctor's as checked my swab test and no infection mate down below, so the op's still healing would'nr believe how pleased i was when i heard that.

    Hiow are you feeling and is your daughter ok also? Love Terry xxxx
  8. Hello Gizmo,

    I'm trying me hardest to cope with the heat mate it's in it's 90s and it i can't go out and it's hotter in the home and it messes with my concentration and besides that my liver as been giving me some right pain i'm living on water to help it but today my kidney is having a go besides, i've notlong got dressed mate at 2pm, i know it sounds bad but i cryed this morning and told ste i learnt to except everything which as happened over the years but this lot is like torture.

    Sorry for going on mate but i feel drained totally out. Love Terry xxxxxxxxx
  9. I haven't seen much from you today. Are you doing alright?
  10. Hi Gizmo,
    Well i hope you get some results you want from your echocardiogram appointment... i know mines abit fare off but when i phoned in the week his specialist said there's a right list waiting to see him.

    I get my swab results Tuesday and i am hoping i have no infection below because i just dow need it and my B12 jab ah due till the end of next month and my body is crying for it now i'm so weak but the nurse said alot can go th full 3mths, where somelike yourself feel for it in the midle of the 2nd month, ste's on about getting some liver in and more greens down my neck. lol

    You takecare mate and all my love. xxx
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