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  1. Hello Red,

    Has your pain eased abit mate with the painkillers?? all the very best with tomorow.

    All my love Terri xxx
  2. Hi Red,

    I am sorry to hear your in so much pain mate and i think we all wished we had abit of magic to take the lot away but like yourself i'm sticking to painkillers, tried plaquenil does'nt suite me the side affects was to much and i'm not touching steriods again.

    I really hope your days abit less pain free. Hugs & kisses Terri xxx
  3. Thanks for your note Peridot,
    I truly appreciate it. Right now my back is killing me and no medication seems to be helping. I am resorting to the Flector patch my Pain Dr gave me to try. After I tore my Rotator Cuff and had to have surgery, I was prescribe these for additional pain blockage. The seem to help some. But I would have a magic wand and wave everyones pain!!
    love and hugs,
  4. Hi there,

    Just passing by to see how your feeling since you joined and i hope at the moment your less pain free.

    Terri xxx
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