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  1. Hey my phone is messing up and lost so data, could you PM your phone number?
  2. Thanks Toni,
    I'm doing pretty well, just the usual aches. How's things with you? Did you know there is a Lupus Support Group in Gwinnett? I spoke with the leader yesterday.
  3. Hi Sue, how's it going? Just wanted to check on you?
  4. Hi Sue, sorry I couldn't talk to you this morning . It was a bit noisy. But I promise we'll have a good talk soon. Hugs Toni
  5. Hi lacey, welcome to WHL Where are you located? I'm in Dacula on the south side of 316. If you need to talk I'll get you my cell number and we can have lunch.

    Hugs and good thoughts and welcomes
    Nonna AKA Toni
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