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  1. I will let you know if they ever let me know lol they said they'd only tell us if they find anything substantial out of it.

    That really sucks. At least you'll still be graduating on time still! I'd be so mad if all this kept me from graduating. I missed a week of school, came back today, realized I tried to soon =( probably wont be back again tomorrow now. Everything is so frustrating; I'm in all AP classes I can't keep missing school like this =(
  2. o really?? let me know the results of the study cuz i wanna know too lol are you staying at the childrens hospital??
    thats where i stayed at too

    at first i would just miss like a day or 2 a week but then i got really sick so i couldnt go to school anymore
    but im taking extra online classes so ill be able to graduate on time
    that sucks tho i hate staying at hospitals..its depressing
  3. I am too. I just recently got involved with a genetic study at Childrens that is looking at why people like us just randomly get autoimmune diseases.

    It is kind of painful but it is supposed to get better in the next few days (keeping my fingers crossed) I cant imagine having to miss that much school! How did you do it?
    I have been in and out of the hospital all week. They pretty much made me stay all day, sent me home, then I had to come back the next morning. Would have been nice to just get a room lol I avoided being kept there all weekend, but now Im almost wishing they would have just kept me.
  4. yeah the lupus doesnt run in my the first one so i think i did just randomly develop it
    im sorry that sounds painful i remember i missed like 3 months of school when i first got sick..
    so are you in the hospital right now??
  5. Mine is too =/ especially lately. I just missed a week of school. I have vasculitis in my feet which is why Im on prednisone. I just had TONS of it pumped in this week and just today started getting all puffy in my face =( Its making my knees fill up with fluid or something which is why I cant really walk. Its really annoying. And I think for some people thats probably the case because for some people it runs in families, so you would basically be "born with it" but not have any symptoms until something triggered it.
  6. hey ima senior too!! lol but the lupus is kinda ruining senior year :/ that sucks tho i hope you get better. is it the pred thats making your feet swell?? cuz it sure is makin me swell but in my face ha. but yeah my sis told me that when you have lupus that youre born with it and the symptoms dont come out till over time. idk if its true tho?
  7. That sounds awful. I can relate somewhat though, I cant really walk right now but its from extreme swelling. Im glad to hear you're doing better now though =)

    I've had lupus officially since I was 16. Im 18 now and a senior in high school. Im pretty sure I've had lupus since I was little though, but no one thought much of my "whinning" until my hands and feet started turning purple lol
  8. yeah same here. questions always just randomly pop up in my head. well i was having constant high fevers and i didnt wanna eat anymore and it was going on for months. and i always felt extremely weak and on the day i went to the hospital my parents had to carry me to the car cuz my body just collapsed and i couldnt hold myself up. i had to see a physical therapist when i was in the hospital so i could learn how to walk again so it was pretty intense. right now tho im doing alot better[: how long have you had lupus?
  9. What put you in the hospital?
    Feel free to ask stuff by the way, not just me but everyone on here. It took me so long to figure out so much about this disease, and it still has me asking questions all the time.
  10. i started getting symptoms in like august? but i wasnt put in the hospital for lupus till november. so it hasnt been that long
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