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  1. things are good here at the moment.
    it was my step daughgter who had thyroid cancer. it was removed successfully.
    enjoy your arranging the wedding.
  2. Thank you for you post on my profile about my family. I am just now seeing you posted it last month. Thanks for keeping me and my family in your thoughts. It is much appreciated. I haven't had much time to get on recently, I have been busy with so very much and haven't had a chance to keep up on here. Thank you for your concern though and I am going to try and make it on here more. How are you doing? How is your step-daughter? Or was it daughter? I believe it was you who posted something awhile back about her having to go in for surgery. Forgive me if this isn't you though... But for some reason I think it is...
  3. thinking of you, and your family in this time.
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