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  1. Thx u again, mr. steve.
    Being a medical student, I wish strongly the profund improvement in resarch on autoimmune disorder more and more so we all are well being better and better, day by day.
  2. hi myat,
    there is actually about 6 or so active male members on whl.

    we like to learn a little about each other....
    so we know who we are talking to,
    and so we can support each other.

    this place is like a cyber family.

    one of the easiest ways to let people learn about you....
    is on your profile page.
    please read mine to learn a little about me, and read a few others also.

    again welcome.
  3. I knew I had undergone test for ANA, and others antibodies
    So, I want to know if i need to check for complement protein?
    Thx to u,
  4. Special thx, mr. steve
    For encouraging me.
    Hoping advice and help from u.
    I also want to know yr gmail account and facebook account if u dont mind me
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