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  1. Thanks, Steve
    Please do give Linda my love. I'm glad to know that she at least feels like teaching again.
    Please tell her that I miss her, too.
  2. linda has not been on the site for about 2 months.
    she has started teaching again, only part time.
    i have text her a couple of times, but dont get a lot of replies, she is busy and tired all the time.
    i plan on sending her another text soon, 9i send them regularly), and will mention your name.
  3. LOL Yes, Steve - any chance to use my Greek, right?
    Greece is the most awe-inspiring place that I've traveled to yet. We should all visit and help their economy!
    We're planning to visit Australia with my daughter and her family in 2014. Get ready to hang out the welcome sign!
  4. i see it didnt take long for you to leave a note on angelica's message.
    i knew you would.

    time to learn more about greece i guess.

    enjoy life, and be happy.
  5. LOL on your comment. Since I do carry a cane, perhaps I should knight you with it, or bop you with it when you get out of line!
  6. so we must all bow before the great marla......
    madam emporess.

    do you knight us with your cane? ...
    or remove our heads!!
  7. Merry Christmas, Steve!
    I love you, too.
  8. merry christmas and thank you for being part of my life.
  9. just wanted to say hi, and welcome home.

    how is your pup settling in?
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