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  1. hi, it is good to see you are still around.
    i wish we could catch up again.
  2. Thanks Steve I really appreciate knowing you are so close and often on when I am. Have a good 2012
  3. i have you listed as my friend - because you are special.

    merry christmas and thank you for being part of my life.
  4. thankyou.
    and i hope your christmas is enjoyable and quiet.

    thankyou for being a small part of my life.
  5. Hi Steve how are you? hope you have a wonderful Xmas and New Year.
  6. just popping in to say hi.
  7. Thanks yes a watercolour with some gold.
  8. i like your new avatar.
    one of your paintings, i presume.
    it looks verg nice.
    i blew it up on my computer to have a good look.
  9. I will put it up and see!
  10. i like it, as it is close to me.
    is it too far for others?

    they can offer good meals or cakes if pre arranged.

    if you like the idea, pass it around.
    remember there is also a new guy in whl - derek.
    i set the date. (to get the ball rolling)
    i am happy with where-ever people choose.
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