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  1. Hi Steve, please can you help me? How much magnesium do you take each day? These spasms and nerve pain are wearing me down. Any advice would bless me. Thanks so much. Tammy
  2. I am home from work today a bit drugged up from cymbalta increase. I still have pain and spasms. It feels like vice grips are on my vertabre at base of neck and spasms radiate across and up neck. My head hurts daily and I can't drive in this shape. Other than this I'm great. How about you? (grin).

    Thanks for the help. Folic acid. Is that in B complex? I take super B. Drink cherry juice with tonic water now for quinine to help with pain.

    I am hoping and praying the cymbalta helps with the intensity of pain & spasms. I have to get some relief soon. Wearing me down pretty good lately.

    Thanks for you help. Tammy
  3. Love your pictures. I am going to try to post more pics as I get used to this whole thing. I am not computer literate, but this is making me! LOL Have a great day and enjoy that wonderful place you are living! Thank you again for your encouragement.
  4. i have a couple of pictures on my profile.
  5. Oh my goodness you are soooo blessed! I miss my farm terribly. I had to leave because I had an unsupervised trailor park near me and they were causing me so much stress I kept getting sick. They were up all night shooting and beating on each other. Then they had subwoofers in their trailors. Thump all day all night. I now have a little cottage in the country. I have farm land on two sides of me and some houses with normal neighbors nearby. I hated it at first but with a lot of prayer I am adjusting.

    Wow 11 horses. That's a lot of labor of love. Enjoy...enjoy...enjoy!
    Sooo happy for you! Thanks again for your honesty concerning the mental health piece of this AI chaos.
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