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  1. Hi Steve, I am excited to think I could take something for pain without all the wide effects. I will pick the panadol-osteo up today.

    Since off lyrica & skelaxin my colon is lovely(grin). My body has finally adjusted to the buzz I used to get when the cymbalta kicked in. That was rough, as I was already tired.

    Yes please let me know how Tamara makes out. I hope you have a peaceful day in spite of the circumstances. Tammy
  2. i like dry humour, as it is supposed to make people laugh, not be offensive.
    it is usually so silly.

    as for tamara, thank you so much.
    i will definatelly keep you posted.
  3. like any med, panadol takes time to build in your system.
    the recommended dose is 2 tabs 3 x day.

    i know a few people with fibro who take 1 tablet 5/6 x day.
    this reduces the quick hit, but increases the overall dosage in the body.
    talk to your pcp or chemist.

    cymbalta, is good. but i do not like the side effects.
    do you still have irritable bowel. this is the side effect, most people suffer from with cymbalta.
    it also gives some people a high "buzz" when it kicks in.
    i use lexapro as my main antidepressant drug. i use it in the morning.
    i also take a low dosage of endep at night.
    the reason is 2 fold.
    endep helps me a little with sleep.
    endep help boost the effect of lexapro, without giving me the hit.

    i am not saying these will be right for you.
    i am saying talk to your doctor.
    i remember you talking about ibs.
    if this is being caused by cymbalta, then it makes sence to come off of it.
    you need to make a change to find out.
    just an idea that might make life more enjoyable.
  4. Hi Steve I checked out panadol-osteo. Holy smokes It's over the counter and it helps? Does it help the nerve pain going down my arms from spasms at my neck? I am taking two extastrength ibuprophin and it just does not help. All I take for pain now is cymbalta and ibuprophin. After Wed. If biopsy is clear, I am going for accupuncture. I'll let you know how that works.

    Ps...I replied to your "whining" comment. My gosh you remind me of my brothers when we get together. You have what we call "dry humor" puts me in stitches!
  5. I know...I know you said sympathy was hard for you , so this is not a sympathetic note!

    How the heck are you and your family holding up? Just asking (smile). No sympathy involved here at all! (grin)
  6. Thanks so much for your wisdom. I pray the accupuncture my rheumy ordered will help. She said she has seen great success in breaking the spasm. I sure hope so. God bless you and yours for helping me. Tammy
  7. i used to have these problems. thay are not as bad now.
    mainly my right shoulder blade.
    if i do too much, then i have problems, but being retired, i am better.
  8. Yes I take 750 a day. I will start folic acid tonight. Do you get nerve pain with your spasms? They litterly move my vertebrae and pinch my nerves. I was finally able to wash my hair this AM, by living flat in the tub, due to the weakness and pain in arms. Do you get like this?

    Thank you for helping me. Tammy
  9. magnesium comes in 2 forms.

    i take the tablet for everyday. youwill want 500mg minimum.
    there is also a powder. the powder acts faster and is usually taken as a boost.
    about 1/3 tablespoon mixed with water. (read instructions on bottle)

    do you also take folic acid i take 5mg 3 times a week.
    you can take it everyday except methotrexate day.

    i found folic helps and does not need a script.

    you can overdo the magnesium, but it takes a lot to overdo it.

    hope this helps.
  10. Hi Steve, please can you help me? How much magnesium do you take each day? These spasms and nerve pain are wearing me down. Any advice would bless me. Thanks so much. Tammy
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