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  1. i have you listed as my friend - because you are special.

    merry christmas and thank you for being part of my life.
  2. i see you have still not been here.
    missing you, hope you are well.
  3. popped in to see how you are.

    sorry you havent been around.
    hope your ok.
  4. Thank's so much for checkin on me, not been to well our heat index has been in the 104 range and humity through the roof,
    it makes the pain,fatigue,numbness and brain fog lot's worse.
    Im still putting around, How have you all been i hopw well!
    Thank's And big hug's & well wishe's your way Hope you
    have a great weekend! ~Diane ~
  5. i have not heard from you for a while.
    hope everything is going ok.
  6. Thank's for popping by. Hope you and your family are doing ok. Wishing you a great day!!!!!!!
  7. just popping by to say hi

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