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  1. Thanks Steve, just feeling down on adding yet another med to the list
  2. i just wanted to stop by,
    to give you a hug.
  3. Hi Steve, I've been quiet for a while and wanted to say hi. Just read v. Messages about you foot. Hope it is better now.

  4. i have you listed as my friend - because you are special.

    merry christmas and thank you for being part of my life.
  5. Hi Steve, thanks for thinking of me. Have not been very active due to some problems, physical and otherwise
  6. popping by to say hi.


    thinking of you.
  7. i may lift your spirits.......
    just wish i could give you a hug instead.
  8. Well, thank you sir. I was thinking about Phyllis also. I want to try and telephone her. I have several calls to make but forget to do.

    Thanks for lifting my spirits. Hugs
  9. hi, i was thinking of you and phyllis.
    so i thought i would leave a message.
  10. Nonna is the italian version of Nana. Thanks Steve I'm feeling better now that I vented
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