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  1. Thanks so much! A little late but Merry Christmas to you too!
  2. i have you listed as my friend - because you are special.

    merry christmas and thank you for being part of my life.
  3. Hi cyber uncle Steve =) I am doing alright I suppose. Just wore out. So far its taking more of mental toll on me than physical lol after this week my current classes are over and I get a 3 week break from school!!! : D Im not sure what all Im doing after this next semester. I also got a second job offer this week....I really need the money but I dont know how I can work another job along with everything else wearing me out right now =(
  4. just popping by to say hi


    i am interested in how you are going, balancing lupus and studies.
    it is never an easy decision.
    but you have to look after yourself.
  5. the only thing stopping you is..............

  6. I guess I just think of horses as being really expensive lol My grandparents had a couple of babies but they've either grown up, been sold, or got sick and died =( the one that died last year was so pretty but she rolled around so much her intestines got twisted up, or something like that. I would love to! What a vacation that would be lol
  7. we definatelly are far from rich.
    the good thing about this land, is it has good pasture, so we dont have to feed our horses.
    we are breeding them, so we can make a little money.
    and we love the foals lol.

    you might have to come over for a holiday, during school break.
    now you are a serious university girl lol.
  8. You're so lucky! I wish I had my own horses. Maybe one day when Im a rich doctor I can have my own lol I want to live out in the middle of nowhere and that sounds like the perfect combo for horses.
  9. my wife (cherie) and i own 11 horses.
    we rent a house with acreage.
    the property is beautiful, and it looks beter with horses on it.
    have a look at my photos sometime
  10. They're my grandparents horses =) Sadly I did not get to ride them when we were there that day because they feel bad getting them out when its so hot but I was promised I could get back out and ride once the weather was a little better. I love horses. The one with the black and white mane is the one that I ride when I go over there.
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