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  1. HI FRIEND...I HOPE you received your card......Its been ROUGH around of my dogs is dying and it is AWFUL.....They are our "furry babies".....Its also making me think EVEN MORE about PAPA...UGH....Im starting sessions with a new therapist soon...She seems really nice and empathetic to MY NEEDS....SO SAD and ALONE at times......HOPE YOU are as OK as can be DEAR FRIEND.....LOVE and HUGS WONDERFUL FRIEND.....XXXOOO
  2. definitely LOVE and HUGS .
    hope it is a better year for you
    i want to hear you are smiling
  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR FRIEND.....I sent you a "REAL CARD" today....So I dont know how long it will take to get to you by snail mail..BUT...keep a look out in the mail! LOVE and HUGS XXXOOO
  4. offering cyber hugs
  5. AH, YES, I would have to AGREE dear FRIEND...LOL. HARD day today....its the one yr anniversary of us finding papa in his home.....The 5th through the 8th is HARD every month (especially December,obviously) because the 5th was my last day I was with my papa, the 6th was the day I talked to him and after we hung up the phone he died a few hrs later (and I didnt know it, UGH! Steve, the PAIN!!!!), the 7th he lay DEAD in his hallway all alone the whole day and night ..AHHHHHHHHHHHH......MY PAPA! The 8th we find him.......Oh the numbness is back so heavily today Steve....Hope you are "OK". LOVE and HUGS
  6. good friends are definitely like a good wine ....... they get better with age.
  7. MISS YOU and always thinking of YOU Steve...THANK YOU for your friendship.....XXXOOO
  8. THINKING of YOU and so GREATFUL you are HERE for ME......Love from afar dear friend.....XXXOOO
  9. Just wanted to personally say "YOU GOT THIS SHIRE DEAL in the bag!!!! I am so truly HAPPY for you Steve...YOU are a WONDERFUL PERSON and YOU WILL AMAZE those around YOU with what YOU have to GIVE...AND.. THANK YOU for the last email...Its so NICE to get a males perspective and it just makes IT that much GREATER being that its coming from one of my DEAREST FRIENDS...You HELP ME SO MUCH..YOU are LOVED...Jeannette
  10. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for ALL you DO on WHL for all of us Steve.....You are a GREAT MAN in MANY WAYS......Love and Hugs XXXOOO
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