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  1. hope the benlysta is working.
    mis hearing from you.
  2. happy birthday
  3. hi yourself. how are you feeling? so glad you saw me here.
  4. i saw you are online.....
    so i had to say hi

  5. hi steve. thanks so much for the welcome back message. I have missed everyone, and i am so happy to be back. looking forward to catching up with you. I hope you have been feeling ok. I am trying to go back and read posts to catch up on everyone. have a great friday
  6. i have just logged on...
    saw your name, so had to say hi
  7. thinking of you.
  8. missing your friendly comments.
    hope you are ok.
  9. havent seen you around for a while.
    checking you are alright.
    i know your still busy helping your hometown.

    miss you
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