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  1. hi steve just checking to see how you are my friend hope you and family well hugs kim
  2. i have you listed as my friend - because you are special.

    merry christmas and thank you for being part of my life.
  3. we are all good, thankyou.

    life is busy.
    christnas will be spent at home.
    everyone comming here in the afternoon.
    i wish you well.
  4. hello steve just checking in to see how you are doing hope you and family well. and if we do not get chance to chat before christmas have a wonderful day hugs to all
  5. i will give you the same comment, i just gave ruziska ....

    look for the good, it is the time of year for it to show its self.

    i hope your festive season can be festive.
    sending you good wishes, and happy thoughts.
  6. thankyou steve but that is just the way it is you take the goodtime with the bad. i am glad you are all doing okay hugs
  7. we are all happy at present.
    my lupus is still well under control.
    having issues with my fibro though.
    cherie has recovered very well from both of her knee replacements.
    and my stepdaughter had another excellent blood screening, no cancer.

    so life for us is looking very good.
    i wish some of our families luck would rub off on yours.
  8. hi steve just popping to say hello and see how you and family doing hugs
  9. life is good for us thankyou.
    cherie, my wife, has had both knees replaced now. she is recovering well.
    tamara, my stepdaughter, has had her cancer removed, and the blood tests are good.
    i have been able to reduce my mtx, as my lupus is behaving it self.
    the fibro is still hurting me ....... but that isnt life threatening.

    we have had 3 new foals in the last 6 weeks... photos to follow soon.

    so we are all quite happy .
    sorry your world is trying at present.
    hopefully it will slowely, improve.
    i think of you often.
  10. hi steve just checking in hope you are feeling well hugs to you and all your family
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