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  1. hello steve good to back and talk to you have missed our chats hope to catch up soon. hugs kim
  2. glad you a surviving your close quarters.
    slightly overcrowded !!!!!!!
    at least you are not soaked as well.
    flooding would not be good for you.
  3. hello my friend sorry we have not talked in awhile i hope things are better for you. miss you luv kim
  4. my very dear friend you have a wonderful christmas luv kim
  5. hi steve just checking to see how you are doing i am here if you need to chat hugs kim l
  6. hi stevejust checking in to see how you are feeling my friend hope you and family doing well. luv kim.
  7. sorry steve you are having rough time these rotten waiting lists are bad its a joke hope you feel better soon hugs kim
  8. hi kim,
    thanks for checking up on me.

    i am surviving,
    ibs problems are severe at the moment.
    waiting for an exploritory operation to find out what is wrong.
    just have to join the que with all of the prostate cancer scans the federal government are lining up.
  9. evening steve just thought i would see how you are feeling we have not chatted for awhile hope you and family alright hugs kim
  10. thankyou for your wondeful support with my husband sorry i have not replied sooner am in flare and my fingers not working keep on pressing the wrong buttons. will keep you informed of his health, hope you and family well luv kim
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