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  1. Sleep Tight!
  2. By the way a 16lbs carp is quite impressive,they are quite the fighters.
  3. Talking to you gets me reminiscing-which is a good thing!
  4. Hi Terry How are you today?
    I 'm doing pretty good myself,thank you for asking!

    On your profile I saw some pictures of the canal-is this by your home?
    I love canals ,there is a canal in Ireland that runs by the house my father was born in. Its called the Newry canal and is about 39 miles south of Belfast.After many years of talk they finally started to clean it up as it had been overrun with weeds.

    I live about forty miles away from Chicago in a fairly rural area and I have camping trailer(caravan I believe you call them) which I keep at a state park along side the I&M (illinois and michigan )canal It was hand dug in the mid 1800's and is now used for recreation. The wife and I like to ride bikes along the old towpath.
    I hope you having a good day!
  5. Yes I have heard of the black country -famous for coal and steel at one time. (source of steel for harland &wolfe-builder of titanic-i believe)My parents were both from Ireland mom from Kerry and dad from Armagh. I have lived "over there" for a few times several months at a time. and like most irish I have distant cousins scattered thru out the uk
  6. Beautifull dog! I have 2(brothers)lab,boxer,bulldog mix that are about 15 mos old.
    What part of the world are you in? isn't the internet wonderfull-gives us such an opportunity to coverse with people we would never ordinarily meet!
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