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  1. Hello Jheanelle,
    Well for a change this weekend we was surposed to see my friends staff mascot for a festival but it's lashing down here so that's held off and all over the weekend a Rover show but we've had to hold off from that but still a meal tonight and regarding tomorrow see how the weather goes, it's about time i was out more.
    Nice to hear your feeling abit better and getting your life into a nice steady routine.

    Have a smashing weekend. Hugzzzzz to you Terry xxxxx
  2. Wow you're quite busy! Hope it goes well!!!<3 I'm glad you're doing way better now. As for me, I'm doing well, can't complain. Getting back somewhat into a normal routine so I'm happy.
  3. Hi Jheanelle,
    Thanks for asking mate how i am, i'm fulled recovered from the operation pains the lot have stopped...just got to wait and see if i see a period this month or next and if it is, it's only 2 days of light spotting but if i see nothing then my periods have stopped for good because the operation stops 95% of women from not having another period.
    I've another operation on the 4th august to fetch the cyst and lining out my face, christ mate i'm being re-arranged The old man wow need a new woman.

    Besides me how are you feeling in general?? Love Terry xxxxxxx
  4. Hello!
    Just checking in! How's the recovery coming along?
  5. Hi Jheanelle,

    I'm from the UK mate but in the countryside and it's lovely. It's been 4wks since my operation apparentley you still get pain but you heal within 2wks but i told the doctor that's 4wks in my book to make
    I'm up the hospital again on thursday seeing another surgeon about a cyst that swelled and came out and a lumps re-started so i'll see if an operation is needed concerning that, christ mate with all this i should be looking like a new woman, thanks for asking and you takecare it easy yourself. xxxxxxx
  6. Oh no! I wish you a speedy recovery!! I'm glad you're being positive it's really good! I will let you know. Hope you're getting lots of rest despite being bothered by the heat. I hate the Canadian summers sometimes because it can get waay too humid. Whereabouts are you from?
  7. Hello jheanelle,

    Well i hope your tests come in alot better for you i really do...since i've had my operation nothing but pain and the heat here is'nt helping one bit and lastnight i had a seizure but life goes on.

    You takecare mate but let me know how your results go please.

    Love Terry xxx
  8. Hey Terry!
    I'm feeling pretty well these days. Did some tests a while back just waiting for the results, I'm sure these results will be a step up from the last one. It feels good to not be sick haha!
    How about yourself? Everything well?

  9. Hi mate,

    How you doing in yourself??

    Terry xxx
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