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  1. Oh you poor thing. You need a break from all this. Did the docs know about the aspirin? I'm sure you told them. If its happening tomorrow, why don't you call the docs on call just to be safe? Gosh you're breaking my heart.
  2. Tammy go to the newly diagnosed section mate and look at nose sores, i've added a pic of my mouth and nose the mess it's
  3. Plaquenil does'nt cause thinning of the blood, it gives these side affects instead.

    •Nausea and vomiting •Diarrhea and abdominal pain•Headaches •Dizziness or a spinning sensation (vertigo)
    •Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) •Loss of appetite •Nightmares •Irritability or nervousness
    •Hair loss or bleaching of the hair •Sensitivity to the sun•Weight loss •Changes in skin pigment (either a loss of pigment or a blue-black pigment).
  4. The only thing they have me on for thinning my blood is Asprin because i had DVT in the past all through my left leg but i'll check the plaquenil.

    I'm not losing heavy it's just that it's not stopping like the surgeon said and if i stuck a pic up of my mug with these cold sores it would'nt be WHL night your talking HORROR night. lol
  5. Sheesh! I would watch it closely and if its heavy over weekend. Call someone! Usually nsaids thin my blood. Actually doesn't Plaquinil? Check that out and let me know. I luv ya already!
  6. Hi Tammy,

    I'm on none of those you mentioned except epilepsy tablets, nerve tablets and more for controlling what i have besides the lupus and for that the plaquenil.
  7. Gosh are you on mobic, lodine or other nsaids?
  8. Tammy,
    Thanks for letting me about your daughter, i know i had a polyps removed at the same time but the surgeon said within 2 days the bleeding would stop it's still on now, nothing bad unless this flu and the lupus besides the plaquenil is having a lot to do with it.

    Have a smashing weekend mate. xxxxxxx
  9. I must tell you she memmoraged and had to stay in the hospital. When she came home she bled for awhile. So sorry you are going through so much. you ae
    re incredibly strong girl!
  10. Hi Tammy,

    How long did it take your daughter to stop bleeding after her Novasure op mate. xxx
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