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  1. I just hope I feel as good tomorrow. Oh what a load of work you will have getting that new tower ready. Gosh take it slow. I hate doing that stuff. I guess its because I'm not good at it. Sleep well dear friend.Xxo Tammy
  2. Tammy i'm off to bed mate and all the best with tomorrow.

    Godbless Terry xxx
  3. Ah it lovely mate when you can do more and feel abit fitter, me and ste was snapping through the heat.

    Bless your other half nodding off...signs of contentment foot under the table already.

    I hope tomorrow goes ok and hopefully my new tower should be here tomorrow, then there's the coping of documents from my old tower to the new and downloading icons i use on here ahhhhhhhhh but i hope it's worth
  4. Omgosh I feel almost normal today! I made pasta salad & ran the sweeper! It sure would be nice if I could feel like this at work tomorrow.

    So you two are snapping at each other today. Well stop that! Lol

    The BF is sleeping right now. He looked tired after I fed him Lunch, so he's napping. He noticed I'm losing weight from the nausea. Once the heat lifts I am going to try to hike again in the mountains. If I can't I will accept that, but it will be hard.

    Tomrrow I see my endocrinologist. I think she will up my vit. D. We'll see. Xxo
  5. Tammy the heat in the home is making me snappy besides giving me an headache ste's snapped at me and visa am pleased you've got some good rest though mate.
  6. I feel so much better today, but I didn't get to church. I took two naps instead. I got a bath and was too tired to go. Lol
  7. Tammy lovely to hear you feel abit better and i hope you enjoyed church and you did well just having the one sweat so your sleeps not been disturbed to bad.

    I'm the usual and been reading xxxxxxx
  8. Good morning Hun. I feel pretty good today so I think I will try to go to church. The fireworks didn't last too long and so I slept fair. I only had one sweat. Thank God!

    How are you today?
  9. Morning Tammy, i hope lastnight carmed down our staff watches the

    How you feeling today mate??
  10. Holy smokes...fireworks next door and both dogs are I'm top of me in a panic! Too funny!
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