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  1. Well I just saw the pics of "The Shedding". And all i can say is EWWWWWWW............
  2. Tammy they sold her as a male till i had her a week and checked her ID bloody female and all this digging with the sand i thought it was an ovalation problem with her because female gecko's have this but oh no it's another place to lie, she'll have the bloody water over the way she's going and wreck the tank.
    She's a lovely colour and if you look at her pic's, ste captured her shedding her skin they look like talc as been thrown over

    I'm off to get dressed now mate but i'll speak with you later, love you to also. xxxxxxxxx
  3. Hi hun, yes lots of coffee today. Neck is stiff here and fatigue is indescribable. Ugh one foot in front of the other Have fun shipping for Blaze. You crack me up with that little one. Is it a boy or girl?

    Love you bunches too. Hugs Tammy
  4. Hi Tammy,
    It's 12pm here but did'nt rise till 11am ste woke me late, christ you had a busy day yesterday and no wonder you can't function today, i just hope the aching etc eases off abit at least and it's nice how your rheumo trusts you here if you need to change anything it's strict orders from the rheumo.
    My necks aching today but i can't stop on to long as i've got to get to the garden centre blaze my gecko is scrapping at the sand around her water dish and lying underneath caught her proper lastnight the swine, so i need to look for a better dish, get crickets and sand she needs changing.

    Love you loads mate and i hope you day goes better keep on with the coffee it's tea this xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Honey, gosh I don't feel well today. Numbskulled really badly. Drinking coffee to try to function. I can barely type on Droid.

    Love you girl. Never let things stop you from doing what you know is right. Keep posting and encouraging because it blesses many. Xxo Tammy
  6. Hi Sweetie the BF met me for lunch and then I lost my phone. Soooo after I drove all the way home from work I had to drove all the way back there and then back home with the BF. It is almost 9pm here and I just got home. Boy I hate when I do that!

    I had a busy productive day and drove about8 hours. My pelvic bones are aching but I am ok. I head from rheumy. She is proud of how hard I am working on backing off lyrica. She is worried about the uterus and wants updates. Thank God she really trusts me to manipulate the skelaxin and the nsaids to reduce them as I wish.

    How are you holding up today? I missed being on forum but full swing ahead I go. No play at lunch today. Lol tomorrow I will be back Xxo
  7. Hi Tammy,
    I know you had work today but i hope your fine mate as you've been a little to quiet today and i've been on and off the forum several times and there's been no activity off you...please get intouch mate.

    Love you loads Tammy xxxxxxxx
  8. Tammy it was hot yesterday and surposed to be the same today but it ah... i went out like you for a drink and fag and my lighter went on me, i only have the usa zippo's.
    Bless your other half saying you look great..ste's had me out in the car and yesterday he said your colour as come back but tammy you would have laughed sunroof open, air condtioning on and it still wore enough for my lungs, so i kept ste on altering the air conditioning.
    It's lovely if you can push your mate and i hope she's ok with the cancer that's another rotten disease.

    Now have you told your partner yes to the wedding...he's trying is hardest here the poor bloke, it's you that makes me laugh because you've got him on a fishing line rolling him in slowly to your own xxxxxxxx
  9. Good morning Sunshine. I only woke up 2 x. AMEN! I feel ok. I am always tired but that could be cymbalta, MENTALPAUSE, who knows!

    It's so beautiful here. It's 6 am and I am on my swing drinking coffee and listening to the birds. My dogs are so content.

    The BF put my dishes away while I was sleeping. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday. Even when I am a mess. Lol

    Hey when is your surgery? Terry It's a rough one, I must tell you, but you have been through worse. Keep getting out with ste and do things Terry, as best you can to escape a little. And come out of the deep blue ocean once in awhile. Life is for living. Taste new things, see new things.

    My close friend with advanced breast cancer, made me promise to hike as soon as she is able. I am going to try to work up to that again for her. If I have to take her in a wheelchair. I love her so much. She's so full of life.

    Have you made a bucket list? Let me know.Xxo Tammy
  10. Good morning Tammy,

    Dow mention the lung spasms and the breathing lark, that's why i pulled off the plaquenil in the first time but it was linda who got intouch and said i take it at night and so far so good i do get nausea and the odd morning with breathing but i can cope with that but if that med helps your depression then that's what we go through mate sorry.

    How you feeling today and hows your pain and bleeding been?? xxxxxxxxxx
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