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  1. Thanks steve designed if off imiki and added the butterfly
  2. i noticed your new avatar a few days ago.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I hope yourself and your family are holding up fine since you posted your thread and i sincerely wish you all the very best.

    Terry x
  4. Hi Steve,

    A large "Thank you" towards all our women issues, you've been great with Rob and that's really aprreciated.

    Hugs Terry x
  5. Hi Steve,
    Blaze was brought as a male but a month after having him checked his ID and it's a female, i've got pic's of her shedding her skin i'll add them later.
    They're plastic plant's in there, real plants can cause diseases for them but you can put the odd catus plant in.

    She's 8mth old, 45g in weight and 8" long already, they only stretch to 10"
  6. love the gecko.
    does he have any real plants, or are they all plastic?
  7. thanks for the well wishes.
    i am keeping fairly good.
    my synus operation appears to be a success.
    a little tired today, but going well.

    thank you
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