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  1. Hello Lauren,
    Lovely to hear off you but your hubby sounds done in the poor bloke.

    My operation as now healed, just need to see if i have a slight period if not this month then next if not then i won't see again, i go the 23rd August for my tumour that's paining constantley and tomorrow i see another surgeon about that cyst on my fave that came out as another lump is forming so i might be talking another op who knows.

    I really hope your ok in your health and not over doing it. All my love Terry xxxxxx
  2. Hey Terry!
    How are you doing? I'm just getting ready to go to bed and thought I'd drop by real fast! I had to stay up and make sure the hubby got up since he was only able to get 3 hours of sleep! Poor thing he's exhausted! (((hugs)))
  3. Hello Lauren,

    I hope your keeping fine and not suffering to much pain.

    Hugs Terry xxx
  4. Hi Lauren,
    I am pleased you feel abit better from the other day and that sounds well mate, the kids all farmed oh i am laughing this end never heard that saying before. Well i do hope you enjoy doing your garden with your hubby and it's nice when you have time together, i'm keep trying to get rid of my hubby to the neighbour so i can have a good rest but now'ts
    Yes if you do decide on the muran i would definitely talk to diane, she's took the lot and been through alot and i thought of her straight away.
    My weekend's quiet mate, cleanings all done plus the garden's so i'll be reading after.

    ~xoxoxoxox~ Terri
  5. Hey! Thanks for the info on the Imuran, if doc decides I need to try it then I'll get in touch w/her. Having a nice weekend, just me & the hubby. Kids are all "farmed" out to various friends/family! LOL Getting ready to go & get supplies to get my garden started --YIPPEE!!! Still not at my "normal" but not as bad as I was the other day either, Thank God!!!! Hope you are having an enjoyable weekend and it's not too hot! (((HUGS)))
  6. Lauren,

    I've just seen your thread about Imuran, i've never been on it but if you really need to know about the drug i suggest you send a personal message to LUVMYFLOWERS as she's gone through alot and took the pharmacy near enough and you may get the advice you need from diane.
  7. Hello Lauren,

    I hope your keeping fine and not in to much pain? have a nice weekend mate and takecare of yourself.

    Love Terri xxx
  8. Lauren,
    I am sorry to hear you've not been well mate and when your like that a move ontop won't help it and i hope you have'nt been over doing it and been hurting yourself but nice to hear your Easter was nice.
    It's been quiet here and the heat in the 80s way to much for me but because there's only me and my hubby i'm used to the quiet life especially how i am now i don't half appreciate it.
    I do hope you feel abit better tomorrow even though we're not 100% living in hope helps. ~loads of kisses to you mate~ xxx
  9. We had a lovely Easter. How was yours? I am not feeling very well unfortunately. I tried not to do too much w/the move & all, but it never works how we plan, does it? LOL I suppose I could be worse, and I'm grateful that I'm not! Hope you are doing well! (((HUGS)))
  10. Hi Lauren,

    I hope your feeling ok mate and your also having a nice Easter.

    Terri xxx
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