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  1. Hi bench,
    saw your post about Disney, we have been going for years. Here are my suggestions:
    sun screen and big floppy hat or ball cap if you're a guy.
    Take and or suggest snack breaks - that's good for a 15 minutes rest.
    I sit when ever possible.
    I don't go on all the attractions: so I sit in the shade and wait for everyone.
    You're young so I don't know how this would go.
    We rented a wheelchair one trip and my son in law had a ball pushing me. You all could take turns in the chair.

    Just don't rush about without a plan. Look at the list of attractions and plan your route. Suggest that you each list the attractions you want to do and blend them all togther. Go from point a to b to c to d to e; don't go from a to d back to b then e and c, in other words plan your route and suggest you all take your time so you all can really enjoy your day.

    Hope this helps
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