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  1. Hello Diane, sorry i could'nt answer earlier ste had done the tea.
    Oh i am pleased there's no leisons on your spine and i'd say it's a good thing diane because the more they spread mate, the worse you'll be.
    Diane you can't beat the steroid based creams for the rashes it gives me some relief anyway and the first week in may i see my dermo and he should start me on the stuff again i've had a good 4mths break.

    Love Terri xxxxx
  2. Diane, i'll have my tea and get back to you afterwards mate. xxxxxxx
  3. Hello Diane,
    I do hope your results are ok mate and not to bad, keeping my fingers crossed for you, i told ste about your last results as i always keep him updated.
    I've just took half the tablet and i've been chipping away each day, it as made my skin worse now so i'm going through affects that way but when i see my dermo this year, he'll give me new cream for my skin, he just wanted me to have a break but concerning my body my legs feel like lead today, this disease does take it out on ya i do know that.

    ~Thinking of you dearly my friend & rest well mate~ all my love diane xxxxxxxx
  4. Just saw your new photos of where you live , and there just breath takeing , love the water and the duck's. ~Diane~
  5. Hi Terri, Hope your doing ok weaning off the plaq, and try to take it easy and hope you have a great weekend, im recovering from the long trip from the university for the 2nd time and t-spine mri, now the waiteing game again,
    love you lot's & Big hugs to you my Dearest friend!
  6. Diane your pets album is lovely mate, it's like being in the wilderness and your yorkie is cute, we had 3 when i lived at home, Brandy/handsome and sheena. lol mind you they're snappy and great little watches concerning the home.
  7. Hi Diane,
    Please get intouch with me mate and let me know when you can how things went and for you not to be on, something as upset you, i've been thinking about you most of the day.

    ~Love you as always mate~ xxxxx
  8. Diane,
    My full support and love is with you for today and i really hope all goes to how you want it, please let me know the outcome when your able to.

    Thinking of you dearly diane ~Hugs & Hugs~ xxxxxxx
  9. Hi Diane,
    I hope your ok mate in yourself and yor not so weak plus being careful with how you are, you and your hubby have a lovely weekend and do takecare dearest friend. ((Hugs & Kisses)) xxxx

  10. Hello Diane,
    I'm finally back mate, starting from the beginning again but excepted by another name and email address while trying when the site was playing up, i hope your ok mate and my god i have missed the site.

    Love you to bits mate. Terri xxxxxxxxx
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