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  1. Hello Diane,

    I do hope your ok mate, have'nt heard from you or seen you on the forum (your in my thoughts mate)

    I went and had my pre-op everything was fine and my blood pressure was'nt to bad and they've said if i don't hear nothing by friday off the bloods, then all is well for the op, the quicker the sooner i say.

    Hugs & kisses to you diane. xoxxoxoxx
  2. Hello Diane,
    Oh my god mate it does'nt look good, i'll email you later.
    I came on yesterday a couple of times and just come off pain through my right arm besides aching bad, the lot gets you down i know that and i'm popping pain killers like mad.

    Love you loads mate xoxoxoxoxo
  3. Hello Terri, I hope youre ok! Went and had my neuro -psyc test to see how much brain dammage the cns vasculitis has caused, And it was a 4 hr exuasting brain test, totaly fried what brain i had left. Dont think i did very good by the
    comments of the dr. she said i did have very bad front lobal dementia from the lesions. will get results in a few weeks.
    Lot's of love, And hope u can rest a bit this weekend with less pain! Hug's & Kiss'es ~Diane~
  4. Hope you're doing ok today other than the dr. appt. I sure know how you feel about starting with a new dr. after you've gotten use to the old one, and dont blame you about not explain every thing to new one. You're right they do have your record's! And i know it put's me on edge and very upsetting at times haveing to go over the past. Hug's to You!
    I Hope you can relax afterwords when you get home, and the rest of you'r week be a better one. Love you lot's!~diane~
  5. Diane i'll message you when i get back as i've got a psychiatric appontment for 2-30pm and i'm not looking forward to it, as my regular doctor as retired, i know one thing for sure i'm not explaining my past away, when they have my records in front of them.

    Takecare today diane & all my love dearest friend xxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Diane i forgot to mention in my message, as soon as i get back tomorrow i'll message you and let you know how it went at the doctor. xxxxxxxxx
  7. Hello Terri, Im so glad your stomach test was ok, But sorry
    your b-12 jab is giveing you fits with muscel spasams, ive been haveing them also and they are terrible. Wishing you a better day and hopeing your spasams ease up on you!
    Hug's and kiss'es & Feel better soon! ~diane~
  8. Hello Diane,
    I'll message you later mate and i hope your ok?
    Went for the scan nothings wrong except for a Gastric stomach and the man said it would be a camera job to find out the problem but it's what my gp wants to do when he recieves the report. Suffering off my B12 Jab as per-usual and been upsince 5-15 legs spasms again, it's getting past a joke.

    Love you dearly mate ((Hugs)) Terri xxxxx
  9. Diane i am pleased you've managed to sort your B12 out as that is important with how low you are.

    Enjoy your weekend mate but please be careful lik i mentioned and all my love mate xxxxx
  10. Diane,
    Did you manage to get your B12 Jab sorted mate and when do you have it, unless you've had it today please dow forget.

    Terri xxxxx
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