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  1. Hope you are ok this weekend! And not in to much pain.
    Big Hug's and prayer's your way!!!!!!! ~Diane~
  2. Hello Diane,

    I hope your ok and had no furthur upset from friday, when you have time can you please let me know how things went.

    Love & Hugs Terry xoxoxoxox
  3. Hi Diane,

    All the very best mate with your test today and when you have time please let me know how things have gone.

    ~Love & Kisses~ from we all mate xxxxxxxx
  4. Im ok i sent you a p/m Love ya lot's hope your flu get's better
    Wish i could send you some of my homeade chicken soup
    It would make you feel better! ~Diane~
  5. Hello Diane,

    I do hope yourok mate, as i've not seen you on and i am abit worried the way you've been ill, when your able to let me know how you are pleazzzzzzzz

    Loads of love you way Terry xxxxxxxx
  6. Diane,
    Cheers mate i'll email you after i've got dressed i'm in a right mess, had my operation not knowing i was carrying that flu ste caught and tuesday night Agger started and i've had that on and off since with my liver hurting and going yellow twice and woke this morning my heads splitting and my top lips swollen with all cold sores across it and up my nose.

    If the hospital had of known this they would'nt have done the operation, god i do feel like crap besides pain off the op.

    Love you dearly and i'll be intouch after ~Hugs to you Terry~ xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Hope you are recovering well and not in to much pain! Just stoping by to check on you, you may have to do like i do at times to get some rest is turn the phones off for a much needed nap. Then turn them back on when your rested up.
    Lot's of Love to you And Big Hug's ~Diane~
  8. Hello Diane,

    I have had it down but the pain as drained me out, went to have a lie in this morning my mobile going besides the house phone so that went up the wall.

    Have a smashing day mate & all my love Terry xxxxxxxxx
  9. wISHING you the Best of luck on your surgery & a very speedy recovery! will be keeping you in my thought's & prayer's! Love you Lot's ~DIANE~
  10. Hi Diane,

    After we chatting this morning, i went and phoned the hospital and told them about me being on B12 jabs also and they thanked me for phoning and also said my bloods had passed for the op, so it's just waiting for a date now mate.

    I do hope your ok. Loads of love Terry xxxxxxxxx
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