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  1. Hi Diane,
    I've pm'd you on both messages, having tea and feeding bruno held me up sorry but you just get back to me when your ready, just relax mate and best of luck with friday.

    Love Terri xxxxx
  2. That's ok! me also, you rest up and you can pm me later.
    I well undrestand as i have been going through the same thing with the Imuran & pred, Lots of love to you, WISHING YOU FEEL BETTER SOON!! Big Hug's to you.~diane~
  3. Diane,
    Sorry mate the last 2 days have been murder for me in pain and yesterday was the worst but i'll pm you in abit sorry for worrying you. Hugs to you mate xxxxxxxxxx
  4. Hi Terri, I havent seen you on lately and was worried about you! I DO HOPE YOU ARE OK !! Load's of love to you and hope you feel better very soon!
    Gentle hugs to you, ~Diane~
  5. Lot's of Love to you Teri, and Gentle Hug's!!
    My best wishes your body soon adjust to your new med's!
    Thinking of you, ~ Diane ~
  6. Hello Diane,
    I hope you've been better today mate but i'll be intouch tomorrow, still trying had to control this lot and my system is anyhow.

    Loads of love to you dear friend xxxxxxxxxx
  7. Diane i am sorry to hear how things am going for you.
    God since having the B12 i'm getting alot of nausea and i could just throw up at times and besides that i've got a fever hitting me on and off and my legs keep burning out and when i take the plaquenil at 2pm god the nausea gets worse.
    I came on my pc yesterday morning and never came on the rest of the day concentration was way up the wall, so i sat infront of the box all day and that's never me.
    I'll reply to your messages in abit mate. Loads of luv Terri xxxxx
  8. Hope you are doing ok with you plaquinel, I posted a new thread on my rummy visit yesterday. she up'ed my imuran so i took the other 50mg last night before bed, and woke at 2:00am naushus ugh! was just getting use to the 50mg?
    At least im not trotting back and forth to the bathroom every 20 minuits, it has calmed down. Lot's of love to you!!!
  9. Hello Diane,
    Thanks for the wishes mate, oh i went and was'nt pleased at the out come so i'm doing a thread for everyone who's been behind me for today.
    I do hope your ok mate?? if i was'nt depressed earlier i am now.

    Love ya loads Terri xxxxxxxxx
  10. Hi Terri,
    Stoping by to say , I hope you are felling better today!
    And wishing you good luck at your doctor's appt. today!
    Hope your leg's are giveing you a break from the pain.
    lot's of love to you!!!!!! Diane,
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