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  1. Hello Sue,
    Nice to hear from you and i don't mind you sending me a message plus all the best with the plaquenil, i'm hoping my specialist will start me on it come january, they've offered me a steroid jab to take the inflamation down but they seem to be happy just taking blood, well you can see from my 1st 9 blood results what i have so far and i was born with it, it's been terrible from a kid for me but i need more answer now because they've done another 11 blood results abit back, then another 12 two weeks back plus x-rays i had to sign for which is unusual.
    Well if your from the UK that's even better for keeping intouch but i hope it goes fine on the plaquenil for you and it does'nt work for several months and at least it's not a steroid drug as they do more damage than help you.

    Takecare mate Terri xxx
  2. Hi. Hope you dont mind me sending this message. I have just been diagnosed with lupus. I noticed that your are from the west midlands too. Am about to start on plaquenil next month. Fingers crossed it works. As right now i'm fed up with my life. Even after reading about the side effects i am looking forward to hopefully getting some relief. I wish you well with next appointment.

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