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  1. Hello Heather,
    I do hope your feeling fine in yourself [well as best you can be] as that's how we all are and if you feel like you've been able to sort your head more, as this lot drives me mad. I put a thread up yesterday after seeing the gyno and this is what happened and what's happening next just a waiting game for appointments again as perusual.

    Heather i've just copied and pasted it onto here put it's over a 1000 letters but the thread goes as
    [Results from my gynecologist today on what happens next]

    Do takecare Heather & all my love Terri xxx
  2. Hello Heather,
    Nice to hear from you mate and i do wish you all the best with sorting your head out with this lot because at the mo, it's realy getting me down, just so much pain and tomorrow i see the slin specialist and i don't see the gyno till the 17th of jan to see what they're doing but i'll let you know the outcome.

    Take it easy heather and i wish you all the best and a nice 2011 mate.

    Hugs Terri xxx
  3. Hi Terry-
    Ive been out for awhile just trying to sort my head out with the limitations of my body. Hope you are doing well! Definately want to know how the gyno procedure went for you I hope great.
  4. Hello Heather,
    I've not seen you on for a while, i do hope your ok mate and your ok refering meds and so on.
    Please let me know how you are Terri xxx
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