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  1. Hello Red,
    That's eased abit at the moment because when i came on not long back i lost a fare bit of blood but it stopped after 6 days so this time was'nt to bad, i'm just waiting for appointment's from the gyno department to come so things can get moving, i need to see my gp about the B12 injections besides the plaqyuenil but the eye test information the doctor is waiting for ah arrived so i shall phone aqgain in abit being afternoon.

    Have a steady day mate and take it easy, i've just done the washing

    Love to you xxxxxxxxxx
  2. Hello Terri! I'm doing good. Haven't been on too much lately. Hope you are doing well & that all the flooding & the cyclone (?) isn't affecting you! (((HUGS)))
  3. Hello Red,
    I hope your keeping well mate and not in to much pain, as we've note chatted for abit.
    Do takecare Hugs Terri xxx
  4. Hi red246,
    Late birthday wishes & i hope you've had a smashing time.

    Terri xx
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