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  1. Kim i am sorry mate you've still got the runs but no being able to sleep will bring you down, my husband suffers with insomnia and he never gets in bed till 4s and 5s, then is back up early and i can see how he's tied so you must be double worn out.
    Kim i'm the usual, just abit of cock up with doc's about starting plaquenil i've added 2 threads one from yesterday seeing my gp to start it and then phoning around today after the hospital called, i'm just doing there jobs for them mate.

    You just take it really easy and ireally do feel for you kim, all my love to you Terri xxxxxxxx
  2. hey terri thanks for your concern yes i am still running to bathroom think it is stress related and i am tired not sleeping and flaring but that is just the way it is how are you my friend are you feeling alright you have good friend thinking of me many hugs kim l
  3. Hello Kim,
    Are you feeling any better since you last spoke, as the runs eased abit or just as bad mate plus hows your energy, i do feel for you, its one nightmare after another.

    Hugs to you mate. xxxxxxx
  4. Hello Kim,
    Christ mate you really sound very ill with it and having the runs when your down and tied won't help you one bit keep running to the toilet, this disease really takes it's out of us all, it took me ages to except my seizures and kept myself in the home, then i got over it and if i have one i have one but i can't mentally come to terms with this i am finding it hard.
    I do wish you all the best though mate and hope things alter for you soon where you feel abit better.

    Love & hugs to you dear friend. xxxxxxx
  5. dear terri thankyou for thinking of me i am really not in good place right now my pain is extreme i have dioreah nausea the has caused me absolute exhaustion and the heat is overwhelming me and my stress levels are through the roof i am so fed up hugs kim l
  6. Hello Kim,
    How you feeling mate in yourself and i hope your not suffering to much pain.

    Do takecare mate Love Terri xxx
  7. Hello Kim,
    All the very best mate for christmas and the new year [2011] and i hope it's one where you ah got much pain.

    Takecare & love Terri xxx
  8. merry christmas and happy holiday hugs kim l
  9. Hi Kim,
    Sorry to hear your not well mate and i dow blame you spending time in bed, while i was at the hospital we've had electric's done all through with new laws over her, each socket as been moved up the walls by 3" and my hubby as only just finished decorating and thought next year we could relax abit, we've just stopped cleaning at 12-45pm.
    I shall wright a forum tomorrow about the hospital as they kept me in the day clinic all day.

    You takecare mate & all my love Terri xxx
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