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  1. Slim the scare dow bother me mate i was having the crack refering frankenstein, i've got one across my throat where a lump was removed by the surgeon i've saw today.
    I'll most likely drop off later while reading it's my way of chilling out and they always have to contain a good love story.

    You get some good sound rest mate. xxxxxxxx
  2. ahh you just put a smile on my face, glad the bleeding has stopped and that no more seizures today. i saw your post and replied to it. Get some rest at teatime and dont think of the scar you will still look beautifull and the best beauty to have is on the inside, it doesnt age, just gets better with age and has more wisdom. hugs slim
  3. Hi Slim,
    I've just done another thread mate another op due on the 4th and i hope your treatment is ok with other operation i had the bleeding as stopped now and it's been a month but you don't fully recover till after 3mths and no lifting well that's a joke in itself mate.
    I've had no seizures today and like yourself i'm worn out but mainly sleep after teatime when i like my reading.

    You get a good rest and thinking of you dearly where your meds concerned. xxxxxx
  4. I just read your message and I am so glad to hear that you are having less seizures ,18 is way too many to be having in one day. I had my third treatment of the Benlysta yesterday and now its just a wait and see , I hope i feel a difference soon. Im tired as heck, so im going back to bed. I hope you have a seizure and pain free day. Its great that you have support from your husband, it makes living with the illness easier. did the bleeding stop yet? hugs slim
  5. Hello Slim,
    I'm on a right combination for my seizures but they have to be careful with the amount they give me and what new meds they add because my seizures break worse, i used to have over 18 a day but they've slowed down and sometimes i come out paralised having the todds-paralsis besides but for painkiller it's paracetamol and iburophen in high dosages but when i have a seizure it severe cramp pain and my hubby said you don't come round for ages.

    I cope slim but having the Lupus and what goes with it as shocked my system more than anything and you can do without it with other issues ontop.

    I hope your ok and have a less pain free day mate. xxxxxx
  6. im sorry you had a seizure, are you having them often? If so are you on a combination of meds or just one? I have a few seizure patients and they are on a combination of meds and they also fall asleep afterwards, i know it must be really bad having to deal with lupus and seizure . You really are a tough cookie. What pain meds are you on and when do you go back to your gp? can you find another rheumy since yours suck. it is so important to have a rheumy that cares. if i leave a message for my rheumy, he will return my call even if its later in the evening. you have yourself a nice evening nad hopefully less pain also. take care. slim
  7. Slim,
    The bleeding is easing now but the pain is terrible and my concentration is up the wall and lastnight to top it had a seizure that throwed me all over the place when i came around my hubby soon made me go to bed and i dow feel much better for it this morning.

    Dow long down on the bad side refering the nodule, let them find out first mate but i wish you the best off luck. xxxx
  8. Hello Slim,
    I am sorry to hear what you went through and on my gandaughter's life i've had these symptoms and still do refering my lungs and they eye trouble but nobody as run a cat scan on me for years and it's been 3-4yrs since an mri scan as been done to check my skull and brain, i have got a crap rheumo though and even my own gp said the lupus is high with my lungs and smoking dow help. Slim the nodule they've found can come from a number of things pulmonory, cancer, lung disease etc mate,they tested me at the doc's for 2 types of lung disease i failed the tests my lung capacity is'nt strongenough no more.

    My psychiatric doctor and dermo are going mad through how slow my rheumo is with me because of the sle and my organs.

    Love Terry xxx
  9. Hey Peridot,

    Sorry to hear you are still bleeding from your surgery, if it continues let your doctor know. on thursday I had this excruciating sharp pain on the left side of my back underneath my shoulder blade that shot up the left side of my face, hurting my eye and jaw, spread to the right side of my back , i was in tears couldn't breath without pain took an aspirin and this whole episode lasted 15-20 minutes, after this fell asleep for 4 hours. when i woke up left side of face throbbing left eye blurry and hurting. on friday was dizzy went to the hospital cat scan showed a small nodule on right lung . hspt not sure what the nodule is or what happened to me. not sure if its the Benlysta or lupus, have you experienced any of this? feel better and thank you so much for checking on me. next treatment is on wednesday .
    Pain free hug slim
  10. Hello Slim,
    That's alot of side affects mate if it is the drug you just be very careful, that's the trouble with this disease if you have it to bad you don't know if it can be drugs or the lupus giving you extra pain.
    I've been ok on the plaquenil this time with my breathing since taking it at night time like linda suggested but my liver ain't have giving me some stabbing pains and i'm living on water which i can't stand and to top it all it was in the 80s yesterday and 90s today i can't sit out now at all but in the home is even hotter, i'm still losing blood from the operation so god knows when that will stop but besides everything...i'm still here and alive and kicking.

    If those affects get worse dow mess about see your doc mate and all my love Terry xxxxxxxx
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