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  1. Hi Ashley,
    I have had 7 treatments so far and in the beginning,i was ready to stop because I would literally get sicker within 24hrs of the Benlysta, lots of pain . my rheumy noticed others on the same treatment at the office were also getting sick, he gives me a cocktail of one tylenol 500mg, one benadryl and 125mg of iv solu-medrol, then i recieve the Benlysta iv. i hope this help. here is a list of meds im on n u can compare with yours . Methotrexate 25mg injection once a week, mycophenalate 500mg tablets(2tablets twice a day), paquenil 200mg (2 tablets a day), prednisone 10- 15mg a day, bactrim, vitamin d, fish oil, hydrcholorothiazide 25mg once a day. have a pain free day slim
  2. Hi Slim!
    I see that you have been getting Benlysta treatments and I was curious as to how you feel about it? I'm thinking of switching to Benlysta instead and will be talking to my doctor about it when I see her in April.
    I would love to hear more about it from a first -hand experience point of view.
    Talk soon !

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