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  1. Happy Birthday Honey! Hope you are hanging in there! God give you a very special day! Hugs!
  2. Hi giggles are you okay. excuse the neck pics. We are discossing a v shaped tan on chest that many of us have all winter. I will remove it as soon as I figure out how LOL.

    Are you okay? steve.bryce is right. If you need to see someone to take the edge off the stress, do.

    I was abused and would "check out" disassociate to cope too. It is a coping stratagy. It is also however a sign of extreme stress. Don't let this go too far Sweetie. You are beautiful, smart and loved. Take care of you and find a boss who can work WITH you. It is possible. I have one now. It was rough before. Let me know how you are doing okay?
  3. How wonderful! A fellow Lupie and hiker! We can swap experiences on line! Have a great day!
  4. I love hiking : ) I certainly can relate to just being out in the 'wild'... its just the best thing. When I was younger I would hike through the mountains at the back of my house, every single day. All that beautiful national park was destroyed by development about 7 years ago... and my partner at the time could not understand why I was so upset about it. It broke my heart. Even in the place I live now there are amazingly huge and no doubt ancient melalluca swamp forest. It is is threat of being destroyed for industrial land!!!! Not only is that a tragedy in its own right, but it is prime habitat of the Rusty monitor... Varanus semiremex. I would love to see one before they become extinct, which will no doubt be very soon.
  5. My dear daughter took that picture on her phone and put it in my computer. I am getting older now. I am 53 and the disease has made me so tired looking. I am very fortunate to have good skin from my daddy (smile). I try to do all I can to take care of my health and I think it helps some. I'm a hiker when well. I hike the AT trail @ 7.5 miles a day. It rocks my world to be in the woods all alone and listen to leaves hit the ground. I will keep doing all I can to be the best I can for as long as I can (grin). As I know you do. Bless you as I know your path has been so very hard dear girl. Thank you again for your encouragement. Tammy
  6. Hi Loved!!

    No worries : ) I'm glad it went to good use. And look how gorgeous you are! Seriously a stunner : )

  7. Hi giggle. Thank you again for helping me deal with the worst symptoms for me. Somehow the horrific pain of a 6 centimeter mass in my lymph system was not as bad as hearing voices! I have tears in my eyes as I express thanks. I'll luv ya forever!
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