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  1. Hi Giggle,

    I do hope your frame of mind as been alot better today mate and your health as'nt given you to much pain...stop positive mate.

    Hugzzzzz Terry xxx
  2. Morning Giggle,

    If you have got that mate and i hope you ah being so young, i'd say that over rides anything concerning me mate.

    Luv Terry xxxxxxxxx
  3. Terry!! ((HUGS)) thank you for being so supportive and fantastic when you yourself have so much to deal with!
  4. Giggle,

    My thoughts and love are with you mate on this as your such a true friend.

    (((Hugs & Kisses))) your way xxxxxxxx
  5. Hi Giggle,

    How you feeling mate, as i know alots been getting you down. I hope your days a better one mate.

    Love Terri xxxx
  6. Giggle,

    I slept ok mate but with all my other stuff i'm terrible for coming round and feel spaced out with the
  7. Hey Terry, hope you sleep well tonight! I used to take valium to help me sleep... was fantastic stuff : ) I was cool as a cucumber. Lots of hugs!
  8. Hi Giggle,

    I'll say goodnight to you mate and i hope tomorrow is a better day on your behalf, just took the plaquenil now valiums got to be took, christ i'll be off my head in the morning

    Loads of love your way. xxxxx
  9. Hi Giggle,

    I hope your doing ok while at work?..i'm off to bed mate my heads mashed, speak soon.

    love Terry xxxxx
  10. Hello Giggle,

    I've answered to you thread mate refering the scan and i do wish you the best of luck, in which condition it is. xxx
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