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  1. The sleep problems are probably just from the steroids themselves. Im still not sleeping well. How long have you been on the steroids? When I was on prednisone for a week and saw no improvement we had to do an IV infusion for 3 days then start on 32mg medrol because my body wasn't using the prednisone right. Maybe its the same case for you? I dont know if steroids take effect at different times with different people but its a thought. I hope you figure it out and feel better soon!
  2. I am also on 2000 mg of cellcept for almost 3 weeks now...and on 30 mg of steriods. I have a rash, joint pain, tiredness and sleeplessness...i'm waiting for the doc to call back...i feel like this flair isnt setteling down at all..if anything..i feel like it might be worse . I know he will just upp my steriods and then round the circle i go...ugh I HATE this stupid disease!!! Hope u r feeling well. ttys
  3. Im on 12mg of medrol right now ( I just lowered from 16mg). I started out on 32mg of the medrol on March 19 and have started slowly going down on it. I am on 2000mg of Cellcept a day and I've been on that a week longer than the medrol. I started feeling better (but not 100%) probably 3 weeks after I started the meds. But in with all that I had 3 IV infusions of high dose steroids. My doctor had me cut my steroids in half (BIG RISK) a week or two after I started the medrol because I was having bad side effects from the high dose. Since then she's only just last week let me go down another 4mg. The biggest problem still for me is I haven't been sleeping well because of the steroids and my brain fog is TERRIBLE. I hope I answered your questions and I hope you start feeling better =)
  4. How much medrol are you on and how long have u been on that? Also how many mg Cellcept and for how long? Also with the combination of both drugs, when did u start feeling better?..How soon and how slowly r u tapering from the medrol to just be on the cellcept? Sorry so many questions but in the hospital last week, they treated me with a high dose of medrol the same time they started the cellcept so i'm wondering when this flair will settle, when the cellcept starts working, and when I can get off these damn steriods safley and painlessly. Thanks
  5. I cant really say for sure because I'm also on medrol. I had really high dose steroids which helped and I started Cellcept at the same time. My doc put me on both at the same time because steroids work quickly and Cellcept takes time. She's going to slowly take me off the steroids and then leave me on the cellcept once its built up in my system. I'm sorry you're not feeling well!
  6. Hi. I saw that you are also on long did it take for you to know that it was working? I have been on it for almost 3 weeks and my flair is still outta control?? I hope u are well. Write back.
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