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  1. sounds like he wasn't worth your time and he now realizes you were worth his. Oh Well! Too bad so sad! LOL
  2. Yeah I did... Come to find out I DID date him for two days... no wonder I couldn't rember him that well... LOL
  3. Laura that is too funny the cowboy story. Did you tell him who you are?
  4. Things are things... There was a REAL strange thing that happend to me right here.
    A guy named Countryboy1980 IMed me asking if I knew who I was and if I could tell myself hi. I think he didn't relize that he was IMing me and that I gained like 110lbs and I got married. The last time I saw this guy was when I was 18. That was 10 years ago. Heck I wouldn't remember who anyone was 10 years ago. I barely remember him. Did I date him? Was he a booty call? Did we hang out? God only knows. Just one of those twilight zone moments... I can almost hear the theme song.
  5. Hi Laura! NJ was good. Going again for the shower this weekend. Shhh don't tell her! LOL. She's due Aug 12 so the baby will be here soon and we will definately be oohing and aaahhhing over her. Very exciting! How are things with you?
  6. How was NJ???? I bet it was SO fun! Did that baby come yet? Oh I love it when their new borns. You can coo and cah and be as silly as you want with out you having them run the other directions because you're embarassing them. How ya feeling?? I'm doin' alright. Just this lupus thing sucks some days. Oh well... Gotta buck up and live life to its fullest. Hugs and kisses Laura
  7. Laura - that is wonderful news about Devon. Congrats to you and your husband! Blood makes people related, but bonds make people family. I'm happy to hear your family's bonds have been officially strengthened. This weekend I am going to NJ to see my family. My little sister is having a baby next month so we will be relaxing and BBQing all weekend.
  8. Hi Sandy!!! OMG I'm on cloud nine!! my ex husband finally gave up his rights to my oldest child and my husband Devan has officially adopted him... now he can REALLY say that's my boy. It's been so hectic lately I don't know if I'm coming or going. No one ever said that being a mom was going to be easy and slow paced... If it's not Scouts it's Tball it's biking or hiking (which I do with the boys and that REALLY kills me when we're done) I've been feeling OK physically. Lately it feels like someone has shoved there fist down my throat and I can barely swallow. When I eat or drink anything I have to lift my head up like a bird or the pain so bad that I have to have it come back up. Oh well. Just another trail that was given to me that I have to face with a smile How are you doin'? What have you been up to lately? What are you doin' for the 4th? I'm going to UT to see family and celebrate the wonderful adoption of my son. I hope to speak to you again.
  9. hi Laura! how are you? how have you been feeling? i hope you are well.
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