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  1. thanks for the note and hello and hugs back at ya. hope you have been well.
  2. Hi stranger, see you're on. Just wanted to say hello and hugs
  3. My favorite saying is "Everything will work out in the end." It's this and knowing that God has his plan that keeps me going. So I continue to trust in the Lord.
    Big Hugs for you and yours,
  4. Happy new year nonna. Pretty much things are going day by day. We are trying to move back to Klamath Falls where this all started, its still home to us, we want to get our daughter back into a Christian school!! and get me closer to my doctors. medical care in Alturas is quite limited to say the least. I'm three hours away from my dr. and gas prices are going up. I have to refile for Ca. state dissability but I new this was going to happen. filed for SSDI just waiting at this point. talked to my guy working my IRA and I will be able to draw on that as needed without penalty. soo to sum things up, some things are going good the rest not so good. We just are not happy where we are.
  5. Hi Jim
    just thought I'd say hello and ask how you are doing

    good thoughts and prayers
    Matthew 11: 28-30
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