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  1. Big Hugs, glad everything is working out for you. Mylife is slowly turning around buti'm not in a rush. Got a wait and see what HE has in store for me.
  2. Oh Nonna so good to hear from you! Life is hard isn't it? Harder than I ever thought it would be. What you need is a bunch of us girls to take you out for coffee and let you laugh and cry and then I could too!

    I am alone a lot when I am not working. This is good and not so good. I am trying to get ready to move, but with my brain inflamed I am struggling!

    These are the times(the only times), I wish i had a man! LOL. Well, when I have pain it would be nice to have him too! Well, sometimes I miss kisses too! LOL. We won't talk about the other fun stuff, I miss too! LOL However, I am committed to go to full-time missions to work with sex-trafficked girls and that is far more fulfilling! I get to take them backpacking! Imagine that. I am the program coordinator., so I get to do all the fun stuff!

    Well chin up dear nonna! May God give an extra special blessing today, to let you know He sees you and He loves you.

  3. Hi missed you greatly glad to so you're ok
  4. Haven't been really on here to read, but was wondering how you're doing. How did the mountains go. We just lost a lady in ours this past weekend. Don't know if they found her yet. I'm too out of shape to try it myself. But I am exercising. And hope yo be better and more active soon. Hugs. Toni
  5. I know and I thank you for your prayers. I went to work this morning and got the necessary stuff taken care of. Now i'm home and resting. Hopefully for the rest of the week.
  6. Hi Nonna, just checking on you today. I'm sorry you have been so sick. I've had pneumonia several times and you feel sick all over with it. I just wanted you to know I said a prayer for you today. Hugs to you. Tammy
  7. Oo whooo. I slept last night. Sorry that you didn't

  8. Hey its1AM. Are you sleeping? (giggle)
  9. Good Luck to us both tonight. I had a really bad night last night. Hugs and remember that your mind can block out some of the pain if you really want it too

  10. Hi Nona, it is beautiful here, but Australia sure does win the prize! How are you doing? I had a really bad day. I hope to fall asleep and forget the pain of today (smile).
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