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  1. every time i see the name noona, i think it was written wrong "nanna". i look at you with admiration.

    sorry you are having a bad time. sorry for monday, and the phone call with the doctor.

    remember 63 years of life, look for the good in what you have already had. then look for the good in tommorrow.

    i will be thinking of you over the next couple of days. enjoy what you can, forget the rest.
  2. And right back at you- HI!!!!!

    Compliment- you give good advice
  3. just thought i would say hi

  4. i see you do not have a picture yet.
    find a nice picture on your computer.
    you may need to shrink the size of it. make it less than 70kb.
    go to "my profile"
    down the lefthand side is a list of options.
    click on change my avatar.
    click the browes button.
    find your picture
    and it should be done.

    hope you enjoyed your birthday.
  5. hi nona, the picture is called your avatar.

    good to hear from you.
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