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  1. Hi Toni,

    Works the first place you need to be while picking up but it's nice to hear your slowly getting there mate and take it easy.

    All my love to you mate xxxxx
  2. Feeling much better today. Made it through the day at work ok. Laying here resting now. Surfing on My I touch.
    Thanks for asking, how about yourself?
  3. Hi Toni,

    I hope your feeling better soon and you just take it easy and get loads of rest.

    Terry xxx
  4. Hi Toni,

    Sorry it's pneumonia mate, it's terrible i've had that a few times in my early 30s and it's not pleasent but you takecare and rest well.

    Luv Terry xxx
  5. Hey Terri it turned out to be pneumonia just wanted to let you know
  6. Toni, thanks for letting me know mate and i'll be intouch monday to see how you got on, take it easy mate. xxx
  7. doing my best, the report is about my lungs and breathing. I'll know more Monday
  8. Hello Toni,

    Just checking in mate to see how your breathing is going and to see if your ok in general.

    Luv Terry xxx
  9. Nonna, sorry to hear about your breathing mate and i do hope the presidone helps, just takecare. xxx
  10. going to try and enjoy it. back to the pred to help with my breathing problem
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