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  1. Hi Sandy, yes I like this area and yes I get to see Phyllis. We try to get together for lunch once s month.

    Hugs and good thoughts
  2. Atlanta is nice, no? Do you get to see Phyllis? She's around there somewhere.
  3. Actually now I'm down in Atlanta Georgia. I'm all over the country.
  4. yep - NJ. My sister, stepmom and niece live there. You're in PA now, right? Lancaster area if I remember correctly. I went to college not to far from there in York. small world.
  5. Thanks, hope you're doi ng well.

    Where you and Lauren talking about Jackson (township) new jersey? I used to live near there I. Brick
  6. sorry to hear about the bronchitis. I hope you feel better soon. Rest. Drink up and rest.
  7. Hi Sandy, I'm surviving. A little down and overwhelmed at the moment. Bronchitis is making me sleep a lot.
    Thanks for asking; hope you are feeling good
  8. Hi Toni! How are you?
  9. yeah I'm ok. Very achy lately. Not much I can do about it - it seems worse when storms move in and it poured and poured 2 days ago. Just work, work, work and a little tutoring, and then I'm exhausted. Thanks for asking. *smiley face* I hope your headache is a 0 now.
  10. Hi Sandy,
    afraid I overdid yesterday and paid for it today. Exhausted.

    Also have a neuro problem not related at all to Lupus. Can't take any headache meds because of the methotrexate. I don't want to bore you with the details. Let's just say that I have a physical mess in my brain and it causes headaches. Thus one isn't normal so I'm calling the neuro in the morning. It's only a 4 so no need for the ER.

    Thanks for checking on me. M day went so well that I overdid. Oh well, now I know.

    You ok? I've been rambling on and not asking about you?

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