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  1. Hey Nonna! U doing okay? Eye opener? (((hugs)))
  2. Hey Nonna! Yes, the earth moved for me! LOL
  3. The heat down here has been long and hard. Last night we had a pop up storm that sat over our house for 3 hours - then we lost power. Interesting night I had. Our cats were out in the heavy downpour and when we finally got them in they were hysterically funny to watch.

    Hugs and continue to hang in
  4. Hey sweetie! How are you doing? I am just hanging in waiting for the fall! (((hugs)))
  5. Hi Lauren, was thinking about you and thought to say hi
  6. Hey sweetie! Miss chatting with you! Hope you are doing well. (((hugs)))
  7. Was thinking a kout you and thought to say hi
  8. Hey sweetie! Sorry I missed chatting w/you tonight - came on an hour after you. Sorry you got bad news - (((HUGS)))!!!!!!
  9. head for cityville I got a empty lot for you!!
  10. Thanks, I'm nervous but spoke with the pharmacist. Everything will interact ok
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